Best Resources And Recommended Providers For GSA SER

Recommended Resources And Add-ons For GSA SEARCH ENGINE RANKER

Currently, these are the resources we have been using for our projects and campaigns. We highly recommended all these providers and services. We don’t want to suggest somthing we don’t use .periode.


 GSA Official Forum – Official Forum For GSA Search Engine Ranker and all GSA products.

SER Verified Lists Blog – You already knew it.That’s why you are here 🙂




GreenCloudVPS – coupon ‘serverifiedtargets.com’

Must have service.They offer high-quality VPS/Dedicated servers specially made for GSA Search engine ranker. Affordable prices. Use ‘serverifiedtargets.com’ to get 10% off recurring discount.

For Dedicated Servers

Solid SEO VPS is very popular for SEOrs. Mostly with GSA SER users. When you buy a dedicated server with them make sure to choose server location with unlimited bandwidth


  • Proxies

Blazing LLC – Cheap , Multiple Subnets and Blazing Fast Proxies from BlazingLLC (Coupon added with the link)

BuyProxies –  One of oldest and reputed provider in the proxy industry (mostly for black hatters) good if you want to use it with Scrapebox/Google scrapes. The downside is if a proxy dead you need to contact them. (their support is top notch.Mostly reply in minutes)


  •  Content Creations

SEO Content Machine – User friendly content generator. 100% Compatible with GSA Search Engine Ranker. Tier 1 supported. You will truly falling love with this.

Note : GSA also made their own content generator.(GSA Content Generator) . Since it is from GSA family, they will undoubtedly improve it and make more compatibility with GSA search engine ranker. However, SCM aka SEO Content Machine team also update their tool almost every week, They add many features as a part of their development. Still, SEO content machine has quit decent features than GSA content generator.


  • Email Providers

SEO Spartans – Best catchall email provider for GSA SER. They have GSA SER email template. So you can import emails in just a click.


  • Recaptcha / Text Captchas solution

Captcha Tronix – Re-captcha solution. Better server stability when compare to other solutions. However still we are finding a solution better than this.

Text Captcha solver – Text captcha solver.Better server stability when compare to other solutions. However still we are finding a solution better than this.

2Captcha – Highly recommended if you want to use human solve captcha service. (Good if you are ready to spend few $$ on high-quality projects. Very useful for WEB2.0 creations)


These resources updates/add time to time. If we do not meet expected quality from the product, it will not here.