GSA Search Engine Ranker Para – Site Template [ Template For Ranking Facebook/Youtube/Blogger.etc]

Since many users asking a GSA Search engine ranker template for Facebook fan pages and Youtube videos we decided to share our current effective SER campaign template that we are running for our all parasites.

We have found this very effective on newly made fan pages (fb ).

I have attached sample project plus SER option file . All you have to do is import sample project into GSA SER and remove old data and add your project details .



  • Easy 1 – 2 – 3 clicks and import into your GSA Search Engine Ranker
  • Instant and Effective Rankings For Facebook / Youtube and other para sites
  • Long Time Established Rankings
  • Lower Tiers Included
  • Safe To Use With Fresh Para Sites


Download Para – site GSA SER template below :

How to import sample template into GSA Search Engine Ranker

Step 1 : Right click on GSA Search engine ranker

Step 2 : Select Modify – Restore

Step 3 : Choose your template and open.

After import make sure to go and edit each tier data.  Your URLs / Anchor texts and data fields (articles /social bookmarks etc )


Download Para – site GSA SER template below :