How To Setup Auto-Sync Folders To GSA Search Engine Ranker [Tutorial For SER Verified Targets Members]

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to import Auto sync folders into your GSA Search Engine Ranker.  Before everything, you need to install Drop Box. If you don’t have a drop box account, you can go to and register for free.

Then you can request Dropbox access by logging to your SER Verified Lists membership.

Make sure to accept

Members Login URL :


Then provide your Dropbox email address , Name and wait for activation . (May take up to 1min to 12h)

Note : Make sure to log in to your Dropbox and accept when you got an invitation.


Then go to your GSA SER and point realtime verified folders. To do that click on “options” then “Advanced”. See the picture below.


Now you can set auto sync Dropbox folders into GSA SER. We would suggest you to unchecked all if you are only planning only to use our pre-verified lists. That way GSA SER will not write any verified targets, and it only use to posting. However, if you want to write verified list yourself, you can checked “Verified” and select the path where you want to write your verified targets.

Note : You can not write targets to Dropbox sync folders. You should use a different location.



We have sorted our Real-time Sync  SER Verified Targets to 3 major categories.

1. Contextual Pool [REALTIME] Not Beta Anymore! 🙂 It’s stable

By using this folder, you always get contextual. If you are a contextual lover and want unlimited contextual GSA, SER verified targets. You may need to use this folder.


This folder always gives you below 100 outbound links targets. ( <100OBL) These targets also group for 10<PA/DA. These are great to use for T1 or ranking videos/ parasites.

3. Only GSA CB Verified Targets – NEW

If you want high success with GSA CB, you may need to use this. This folder contains GSA CB compatible targets.

4. Real-time Verified Targets

This folder contains all GSA SER Verified targets we collect from our servers. If you want to use all of our GSA SER targets you should use Real-time Verified Targets folder


Setup Campaigns To Read Your Auto-Sync SER Verified Folders.

Video Tutorial :

 If you have any questions open a support ticket in members area.