What is the BEST SER Verified Lists in 2021? Aren’t they spammed with millions of dirty links?

Hello GSA SER Users

Almost all GSA SER users use verified lists for their link building campaigns. So what is actually the Best SER Verified Lists in 2021? What are those premium GSA link lists? Some prefer building their unique GSA SER link lists, while some buy premium GSA link lists and download public/shared lists. You can experience more power of GSA SER by using high quality verified lists and stop letting GSA SER scrapes itself for targets. GSA SER runs much faster and efficient with verified lists than running while scraping and identifying itself.

So simply,

  • You can increase more threads – More threads mean more rapid LPM and VPM
  • Low usage of RAM and CPU
  • You can save your proxies – (it does not have to scrape)
  • You can build more links in less time.

Do I really have to use a GSA SER pre verified list?

No, you do not have to use a premium GSA link lists if you do not want to use the maximum power of your GSA SER. You do not have to be a churn and burner or mass link builder to use a GSA SER Verified Lists. Even if you build a few links, in white hat way and lite user of GSA Search engine ranker you still have to use high-quality targets. So if you have AA link lists, you can start posting without any target sorting/scraping hassles. GSA SER links helps to push strong link juice upward from lower tiers for faster indexing and rankings.

When I started to use GSA Search engine ranker ( that was 10 years ago), and I used to rank in Google’s top 10 for high competition niches like loan, surveys, work at home, etc… Just running 7/24 GSA SER on a virtual server with a bunch of proxies along with GSA captcha breaker.

  But, now.. things have changed.

things have changed SER Verified LIsts

That does not mean it is impossible to rank only using GSA SER. Some niches are very easy to rank while others do not. Rankings depend on many factors and they keep changing regularly.

Since Google has stopped updating Page Rank (PR), many SEOs, including me, replaced it with MOZ. MajesticSEO metrics such as PA, DA, TF, CF. Having rich domain authority, Page authority backlinks make faster rankings and works similar to PR (like it used to be).

GSA Search Engine Ranker Tiered Link Building Works And Its Evergreen..Why?

gsa ser links

Top Tier link building works without a doubt. I can assure that. However, it may not be like as it used to be. People use social bookmarks. Write to article directories. Comments. Share links, etc. till that Google and other search engines have something to consider(actually it is not something it is the thing). With the right tier link building campaign, you can increase your website’s authority and SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions). Google likes ‘link popularity, ‘ but it should be based on the trusted link profile.

Using the Best SER Verified Lists which known as GSA SER verified list you can build backlinks fast to lower tiers, and it gives authority power to main tiers. That’s one of the benefits of having a premium gsa link lists.

Now the real story begins… I decided to write this post with my personal experiences, and I am getting hundreds of emails every day where to buy link list, how scraping works and how to rank, etc. This is mostly happening with GSA SER newcomers.

There are many GSA SER verified lists providers out there. Half of GSA search engine ranker users buy these verified lists daily and waiting till the “magic happens.” As you can see, the real story of GSA SER links is different.

Unfortunately, the truth is..

Most of the time (no matter whether you buy link list or build a list by scraping yourself ) verified targets are crap.

Thousands of GSA search engine ranker users use same footprints and keywords to scrape/post. Even if you buy AA link lists, and it will not last longer as long as everybody post on the same targets.

As a result of High OBL targets = Spammed

Another problem with verified lists is dead targets (due to webmasters change registration/captchas/ script updates etc.)

Lack of quality targets

Everyone loves contextual targets. Some users are still concerned about PR. Also, it should filter out bad words. When SER running through a verified list and user has only selected a few of engines (let’s think its for T1 ) and enabled some filters then LPM starting to drop down and getting very less verified links.

Mostly this happens if your list has not met the minimum requirements of your filter settings. GSA search engine ranker tends to skip targets on less verified targets.

Ex: If you select in project options to skip over 75< OBL targets ..and if your verified list does not contain much ..you will experience a lack of verified.

GSA CB Low Captcha Success Rate

If your premium gsa link lists built with different OCR instead of captcha breaker you will waste these targets by failing with GSA CB.

You have got a few options to avoid these problems

best ser verified lists

1. You can build a high quality verified list by yourself

I am not going to write a blueprint on “how to build the Best GSA SER verified list ” since there are many tutorials/Youtube videos out there about how to build the Best gsa link list. You can use Scrapebox (if you have Gscraper with their proxy service or Ahrefs would be better) with Google passed public proxies to scrape, and it is much faster than SER scraper.


  • Long-lasting list – use only yourself
  • More authority power to your links – (you can filter out engines/targets)
  • A significant number of LPM / VPM – (if use it right)


  • Time-consuming
  • Scraping Skills – required lots of time to learn and update every day
  • Resources – Even you are a primary user still you need a scraper (GS/SB)/ Virtual server (preferably dedicated server) google passed proxies

2. You can buy a premium GSA SER Verified List in 2021

It is a hassle-free solution. Even though there are many vendors who offer verified lists, it's important to have a look at their services before you purchased.

Check released day – You do not want to buy aged list

Overselling – Always make sure to check how many copies they are selling per list.

Make sure to check Engine list stats – You do not want to buy if the stats not for you

Check what captcha solver they used to build the list – OCR

Make sure the vendor is active around the market – Online support / Have answered for questions /Sellers Reputation/reviews.


  • You can start posting instantly – Only have to download and import.
  • Crank with big number of LPM/VPM.
  • Large stats- Least you will get 50,000 verified unique domains per list.
  • Ideal for mass link builders / Churn and burn.
  • Long-lasting. Better than a public shared list.

  • It saves your proxies.


  • You have to find a quality & trusted the vendor to avoid over selling, quality of targets, etc.
  • Some people are sharing these lists in public – Abusing with terms.
  • Unknown targets due to script changes etc.
  • Low success captcha rate.

3. You can subscribe to Over 2Millions of SER verified lists targets pool

There's a significant difference when SER Verified Lists service is compared with a verified /premium list. It is a total GSA search engine ranker target solution. Simple set and forget solution. You do not have to worry about a single thing. You will get fresh; high-quality GSA SER verified targets directly into GSA SER.

You can get Over 2 million fresh targets per month

You will never ever want to scrape or buy another link list! 

You do not have to worry about dead/unknown targets – it monitors every single target in Real-time and if any detect it automatically removes from the list.

You do not have to worry about High OBL / spam to death links – it automatically Pre-sorted all targets to different metrics ( <50 OBL separated targets – Moz high PA/DA)

It is all in one list solution for GSA SER users. Not that because it is one of our services. It is a truly hands-free solution for All GSA SER users and its trusted by GSA SER power users since 2013. (GSA Forum) We genuenly call it the Best SER Verified Lists out there because of these reasons.

We are adding many features to our service such as time-tested GSA search engine ranker templates, account data; real-time google passed proxies, etc.