7 Tier Authority Gain – GSA SER Template



This is a GSA SER Advanced tier-ed template. We have been using this exact structure for stable rankings before recent Penguin 4.0 roll out. After Penguin rolls out most of our site, increase ranking more and it’s becoming solid every single day.

So we decided this is the best time to release this to our SER verified lists members.

We have reset all data. All you have to do is just filling out with your data such as URLs, anchor text, articles, etc. To make things easier, you can use autofill tool like SEO Content Machine.

To import right click on GSA Search engine ranker’s project list and select restore. Choose “7Tier Template, ”  and you are done.

See the picture below:


Video is here :


Download template file here :

Click here


PS : This template uses to scrape via search engines for related targets. If you want to post only to premium targets make sure to change it in each project. This template specially designed for safe link building. You can do tweaks as needed.