How to Create Tier 1 Backlinks with GSA SER – 4 Easy Steps

How to Set up Tier 1 Campaign with GSA SER

What you need to build Tier 1 backlinks with GSA Search Engine Ranker

There are so many discussions about Tier 1 GSA SER campaigns and about the most suitable tiers that GSA Search Engine Ranker is best for. While many people suggest that it’s best for Tier 2 and Tier 3 backlinking, It is still possible to create Tier 1 backlinks without any hassle. Find out how to create your Tier 1 GSA SER campaign with this post.

You may have just purchased GSA SER or perhaps trying to build the best campaign you can create with GSA Search Engine Ranker. However, we are here to teach you how to create a Top Tier campaign that you can start posting Tier 1 backlinks. If you are new to GSA SER, it’s best to try out creating Tier 2 and Tier 3 backlinks until you become friendlier with the tool.

This post is all about automating Tier 1 GSA SER projects to create high-quality backlinks that look more natural to webmasters/blog owners. When you follow this article, you need to keep in mind that this is focused on quality over quantity. You may not be able to reach a higher LPM or VPM with what we have mentioned below. But you will be able to squeeze out a set of high-quality backlinks with GSA Search Engine Ranker by following these steps.

Quality Content

This is the most important part when it comes to Tier 1 GSA SER link building campaigns. You will not be able to make Tier 1 campaigns if you couldn’t provide high-quality content.

There are many high-quality content generators and content spinners out there. But you have to use human-generated quality content for Tier 1 campaigns.

Most of the time, software-generated content may not look genuine as much as human-made content. It is essential to use quality and rich content that doesn’t have any spelling, grammar, syntax mistakes. Also, it has to have a rich flow to all the content you provide. Even though the low-quality links are submitted, they will not be verified and posted.

If you have only a few human-made contents prepared, we can suggest you spin your content with a content spinner and create multiple posts. But make sure to have a quick read before submitting them.

TIP : You can use roughly about 40% of genetic anchor text and 60% of targeted anchor text.

You can find a list of bad words here that you can add to your GSA SER to filter out. We hope it would be helpful for you.

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A Captcha Solver

The most recommended captcha solver for GSA SER is, GSA Captcha Breaker. Using Captcha breaker will bring you a decent amount of results but, if you are targeting sites that contain captchas that are hard to solve, you will have to use an advanced captcha solver such as XEvil or a human-based captcha solving service such as 2captcha to come across captchas that are harder to solve.

Also, you can use 2 captcha solvers with GSA Search Engine Ranker at the same time as well. Using a backup captcha service is also recommended for Tier 1 GSA SER projects.

Tier 1 GSA SER Verified Lists

Choosing a quality site list can be a tough task because it is essential to use high-quality targets that are not spammed to successfully build Tier 1 targets. ‘How to choose a quality site list for Tier 1 campaigns?’ is the most popular question that most GSA SER users ask.

At SER Verified Lists, we provide verified targets that are specifically scraped and filtered for GSA SER Tier 1 link building. We have a special category that contains verified targets that contain higher MOZ PA DA values and lower OBL values. To be specific, We especially filter links that have 15+ MOZ Page Authority and 15+ Domain Authority. Also, these links have an OBL  (out bound links)value below 70, which makes them the most suitable lists for GSA Search Engine Ranker Tier 1 campaigns.

Use Quality Proxies

Using residential proxies will help your campaigns to have a higher success rate. But you need to keep in mind that it may get you a lower LPM or VPM rate because it will be a quality based campaign over the quantity. Adding general proxies from data centers is also fine. Make sure to mix up proxies from different subnets to make your campaign look more natural.

How to Set up Tier 1 GSA SER Campaigns

You have to bare in mind that you are posting on high-quality websites. Make sure that your campaign doesn’t have any errors or mistakes because if you make any mistakes, it might bring negative effects on your website.

Once you prepare everything we have mentioned above, you can create a Tier 1 campaign with GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Import verified lists to the project

Select ‘Option’ – Select ‘Advanced’ – Direct the ‘LOW OBL – PA-DA [Realtime]’ folder to any section (Ex – ‘Verified’)– OK

Select DA PA folder - Ser Verified LIsts

Double Click the Project/Select the Project and click ‘Edit’ – Select ‘Options’ – Check ‘Use URLs from global site lists if enabled’ – Check the directed folder (Ex – ‘Verified’) – OK

Tier 1 Campaign with GSA SER - SER Verified Lists

Do not add any search Engines to use to get Target URLs

Right Click ‘Search Engines to use’ section – Click ‘Check None’

Search Engines to Use - SER Verified Lists

Select Contextuals and Do Follows

Right Click ‘where to submit’ section – Click ‘Check All’ – ‘Click Uncheck Engines that use no contextual links’  – Click ‘Allow All’

Uncheck Engines that use no contextual links - SER Verified Lists

Allow All - SER Verified Lists


As you have seen it, GSA Search Engine Ranker has provided all the essential features and settings to allow you to create a Tier 1 backlink. It is up to you to ensure that you provide quality content, quality targets, quality proxies, emails, and a powerful captcha solver to create Tier 1 GSA SER campaigns successfully.

Once you successfully create some Tier 1 websites, you can create some Tier 2 and Tier 3 backlinks to get the most out of the Tier 1 backlinks you have created.

However, If you are a new to SEO  and GSA SER ,creating money site backlinks with GSA SER has still not been recommended by GSA SER experts. In that case we suggest you to experiment with buffer sites or para sites (Web2.0s)

Wish you luck with your projects!