[Updated]GSA Search Engine Ranker Safe Template For Money Sites [Safe Template]

Hello everyone,

I have been doing some tests with brand-new niche websites and trying to rank along with GSA SER.  I have customized some templates for GSA SER and today I am going to share one of the best successful templates I’ve  designed for new websites.

The idea behind this is relative niche targeted backlinks directly to your money site and lower tiers to gain authority.(Gain page authority/citation flow)  This may lower your GSA SER performance (Low LPM) since SER trying to scrape niche targeted targets and going through pretty decent filters and engines.

I don’t recommend to enable global lists for this campaign.Make sure to import well-written articles least for main tiers.And this is not something  for Churn and burners / Spam strategy SER users 🙂

Here is the screen shot of how it look likes



This template works best with low – medium competition niches . Also effectively gain page authority/trust flow/domain authority with relative backlinks.

You may still need to tweak with your own settings. Download template here:


[This is a free template and will not use our verified targets]