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I have purchased your service but I can’t access my membership area.

Please try this link and see whether it is possible to log in.

Otherwise, contact our support team.

Monthly – https://www.serverifiedlists.com/members-area-monthly/

6 months – https://www.serverifiedlists.com/members-area-6months/

Yearly – https://www.serverifiedlists.com/members-area-yearly/

How many GSA SER verified targets will I get with my membership package?

We are the largest GSA Search Engine Ranker verified target provider in the market.

You will get fresh targets 365 / 7 / 24 directly to your GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Which means you will receive over 2 million (2000K)+ targets per month. Our system is 100% automated.

We guarantee uniqueness and the quality of targets.