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How helpful can your templates be to my project?

We only publish time tested proven templates here. If the templates got detect to search engines (ex: Google) we take them down to avoid any after effects in SEO. Therefore we only publish 100% proven templates. But still, the user has to customize according to their niche and preferences.

Our team SEO experts collaborating different SEO strategies with GSA Search engine ranker and publish. We provide these templates as 100% free bonuses.

I have purchased your service but I can’t access my membership area.

Please try this link and see whether it is possible to log in.

Otherwise, contact our support team.

Monthly – https://www.serverifiedlists.com/members-area-monthly/

6 months – https://www.serverifiedlists.com/members-area-6months/

Yearly – https://www.serverifiedlists.com/members-area-yearly/

How many GSA SER verified targets will I get with my membership package?

We are the largest GSA Search Engine Ranker verified target provider in the market.

You will get fresh targets 365 / 7 / 24 directly to your GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Which means you will receive over 2 million (2000K)+ targets per month. Our system is 100% automated.

We guarantee uniqueness and the quality of targets.